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Yoga - Path to wellbeing

The need to do the right thing and moving towards our goal is yoga. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word 'yug' meaning union. This union is what leads to creation. Creation of inner understanding -a realization of truth. How one interprets this union is one's will. It could mean union of :

  • Male and female leading to a new born
  • Physical body and thoughts leading to ideas or action
  • Left brain and right brain leading to expression of all kinds of arts
  • Simply a person and his true inner self leading to bliss.

"Yoga is efficiency in action" from Bhagvad Gita.

Yoga- A wonderful way to know and heal yourself. It has proved itself time and again in its efficacy. Yoga is an amazing science, an art, a blessing for the human kind. It is a revelation of the ancient yogis, being handed down to generations for the goodness and well being of humans.

Yoga was considered an eastern esoteric culture, but that was scientific ignorance. Today it is widely practiced across countries, cultures and religions, proving that human race has evolved and realized this way of living called -Yoga.

Yoga practice as well as philosophy is a huge mine of knowledge and may take more than a lifetime to understand completely . It deals with all aspects of human existence. How to live, love, eat, learn , grow, all can be learnt from yoga. Its applications are numerous. Yoga has something to offer to everyone- may it be a child, pregnant woman., sick, healthy, sports person, army, musician or a prisoner.

Steps Of Yoga

Yoga comprises of various steps, beginning from yama and niyama (moral do's and don'ts). Then, comes the physical practice of asanas (postures), breath regulation (pranayama) and meditation. But a yoga aspirant may take years to follow and adhere to yama and niyama, so as a beginner one may straight away proceed to asanas and henceforth.

Energising with Yoga

Yoga practice if done in a systematic way, will always lead to a refreshed and energetic composure. Asanas remove fatigue and laziness, and give peace and rest.

If after a yoga session, one feels fatigued then there is something wrong in the practice or you were not doing yoga at all, but some other kind of aerobic or physical exercise. Yoga helps to remove rigidity and stiffness from the body. If after a practice, you feel lazy, then you are doing exercises which seem similar to yoga, but not yoga postures. Fitness of body is just a side effect when one moves on the Path of yoga.

Who can do yoga?

If with a body and a will to maintain it and its spirit, you can do yoga. If one aims to maintain his/her health and vitality, yoga is one resort, you can turn to.

Children, handicapped, young, old, ill, healthy anyone and everyone can do yoga in their own capacity, to manage their conditions. Idea of yoga is to change ones negative responses to positive ones. Our body is continuously exposed to changes in environment, diet, responsibilities, expectations, society, family etc. Everyone has a different way to react to changing situations.

Yoga helps to create through body, a mental frame which is more positive to these changes, less resistant and less judgmental. It increases ones acceptability to situations within and around, creating lesser conflicts, resulting in lesser stress, lesser tension, less aches, pains and illnesses. And who doesn't want such a situation?

Why bother doing Yoga ?

  • Tones up the body
  • Builds immunity
  • Helps manage stress
  • Reduces excess weight
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Aids in body detoxification
  • Helps in management of emotions
  • Makes one more aware and clear minded
  • Increases flexibility of body leading to lesser back problems and body stiffness
  • Increases oxygen intake of the body
  • Its benefits are nothing new... even for a yoga newbie

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