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Stainless Steel Neti Pot - SteloKleen

The Neti Pot has shown terrific results in managing sinus allergies and infections. For this reason, it is growing tremendously in popularity all over the world including the Western world where it has even been featured in popular TV shows.

Another great yoga invention that is healing the World...

Unfortunately, in India neti pots available are poorly made and can also be harmful.

Poor plastics with high toxicity and with sharp edges, not only make Neti an unpleasant experience but also a harmful one.

Ceramic pots are too small and fragile, so they don’t do the job too well.

Copper Neti pots are very popular in India due to the benefits of Copper. However, they are not recommended for Neti because

  • they are very difficult to clean; resulting in green sedimentation and deposits

  • they have very sharp edges on the nose tip

  • they tarnish making them unpleasant for long term use.

Stainless Steel is by far the best choice for Neti Pots. However, many of them use harmful lead based solder which is hazardous for human health AND make the spouts fall off or break easily over time. The nose tip edges are also usually sharp and unsafe.

The SteloKleen Stainless Steel Neti Pot changes all that!

With over a decade of experience in Neti Pots, this neti pot is simply unmatched in quality.

Now available in India, the SteloKleen has the following features:

  • A smooth and solid nose tip that fits comfortably on your nostrils
  • No use of any harmful lead based solders
  • Unbreakable - even the spout is screwed on so will not break from the pot
  • Clinically hygienic - simple wash will ensure it is sparkling clean after each use.

With extensive research having gone into making of the SteloKleen, it was only natural for users to be delighted.

Read what people ALL OVER THE WORLD have to say about the SteloKleen:

" It works much better..... it is larger and gets the water through more efficiently....."
Janeen Miles, San Pablo, CA


" It is the best Neti Pot that I have ever used. The design is absolutely what I needed. The stainless steel material is excellent. I can't tell you how satisfied I am with your product. In addition, your service and delivery was beyond my expectations."
M.Danielek, Glendale, AZ

Your SteloKleen neti pot comes with complete instructions and you should have absolutely no problem in learning and practicing neti.

Ordering Options:

SteloKleen Neti pot (with instruction book) : $16.95
SteloKleen Neti pot (with instruction book) +
20 salt sachets
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