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Stainless Steel Enema Kit - SteloKleen

Enemas are extremely effective in a whole range of health disorders.

Naturopathy - the science of natural medicine regularly employs enemas for several disorders such as fevers, gastric and intestinal infections, liver ailments such as jaundice, constipation and flatulence, colon disorders such as IBS etc.

Enemas are also effective in Weight loss treatments and also for psychological disorders such as depressions, anxieties, headaches and other stress related issues.

No wonder then that enemas at home are increasingly being suggested and practiced by a growing number of people. They often provide instant results.

Unfortunately, they are seen as embarrassing and quite difficult to discuss. Also, enema kits are not so easily available. Where available, they are of a very poor quality and with no kind of instructions. This makes it quite useless.

Poor quality enema equipment use aluminium or plastic cans. Aluminum is highly toxic and not recommended for liquids being put internally. Likewise plastics can also have toxic BPA in them.

The SteloKleen Enema Kits recognize the quality issues lacking in common enema equipment. More importantly, they recognize the need for good and authentic instructions to make it an easy-to-do, self practice.

Features of the SteloKleen Stainless Steel Enema Kits

  • Stainless Steel Container that is Clinically Hygienic and large capacity (2 litres)
  • Good quality tubing and Nozzles - transparent tubing allows you to see liquid flow while the nozzles are of high quality and smooth finish
  • Sterilized catheter tip for insertion into the rectum
  • Complete and detailed Enema Instructions - These include instructions on assembling your equipment as well as how to do an enema without problems. A detailed troubleshooting section is also included. With these instructions, enemas would become surprisingly easy and a regular home practice.

It is not surprising that with the care taken in their manufacture and instructions, the SteloKleen Enema Kits have been loved the world over. These kits have also been favorably recommended by the Gerson Institute, that regularly use enemas for the treatment of cancers.

Read what users have to say about these enema kits. Enema kit testimonials

" I was using the drug store enema bag and it was very difficult to handle. This stainless steel is so much better. The tubing is soft. the container is very easy to clean and handle. I am so happy with this purchase. It is the Cadillac of enema kits."
L.Mcmullan, Greenville, SC


" The stainless steel enema can is well made, easy to use and clean and priced very fairly. I am a satisfied customer. Thank You."
Robert Holmes, Brattleboro, VT

Ordering Options:

Enema Kit : $39.95
Enema kit (with full tubings) + Instruction book +10 extra catheters : $44.95
PVC Enema Catheter (Set of 10) $10.00
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