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SteloKleen Neti Pot

A wonderful tool to prevent and treat sinus infections and allergies. Rapidly increasing in popularity all over the world, this yoga device is accompanied with complete instructions to make your practice remarkably easy. Read more

SteloKleen Neti pot (with instruction book) : $16.95
SteloKleen Neti pot (with instruction book) +
20 salt sachets

Enema Kit

This high quality stainless steel kit helps you realize the benefits of an enema at home. Enemas are extremely effective in treating several health disorders, especially those where the diagnosis is vague. With detailed instructions that are easily understood, doing enemas in the privacy of your home becomes easy. Read more

Enema Kit : $39.95
Enema kit (with full tubings) + Instruction book +10 extra catheters : $44.95
PVC Enema Catheter (Set of 10) $10.00


An ayurvedic formulation for the skin that works wonders on Skin health. Several skin disorders can be eliminated by a few applications. Very suitable also as a bath scrub powder that would leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Read more

Herbomineral: $10.96

Herbodent Herbal Toothpaste

The unique formula in this toothpaste comprising herbs in concentrated form and essential oils, takes care of your complete oral health. No need for any mouthwash. Read more

Herbodent Herbal Toothpaste: $3.49

Trataka Stand

A well researched device that makes the practice of trataka very convenient. With an adjustable height you can always have the flame at the right height. Suitable for travel use too. Read more

Trataka Stand : $39.95
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SteloKleen Neti Pot
Neti Pot
Enema Kit
Enema Kit
Trataka Stand
Trataka Stand
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