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Trataka Stand

Trataka is a very powerful technique with several benefits. Classified as a Yoga "cleansing" technique, it aids in clarity and concentration as well as eye health. In yoga, trataka is also said to develop clairvoyance or intuition.

For successful trataka, it is very important that the candle flame must be at eye-level when you are seated for the practice. This keeps the eye relaxed and capable of effortless gazing.

As a candle burns down, every session of trataka will require you to adjust the height of the table or support so that the flame remains at eye level during every session.

Using books and other supports underneath is not only cumbersome but can also be hazardous.

Also, having to fix the candle everytime to a base can be messy and difficult.

The solution lies in having a candle stand where the candle is simply gripped as well as being able to adjust the height of the stand.

The HealthAndYoga Trataka stand has been designed specifically to make your Trataka practice easy and delightful.

Made of pure stainless steel, it ensures a long lasting sparkling look without any tarnishing or darkening with age.

More importantly it's height is easily adjustable in pull in - pull out manner without the use of any ugly or inconvenient screws. 

The height can be adjusted from as little as 35cms. upto 85 cms. Also, it can be easily dismantled into 3 parts, making it very easy to carry as a travel companion.

Absolutely safe and made completely of non-inflammable materials, the HealthAndYoga trataka stand is the best option for successful practice of trataka.

Trataka Stand : $39.95
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