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Pranayama – the techniques for Yoga Breathing

Pranayama is a very beneficial part of the yoga routine. Every yoga session should ideally contain asanas, pranayama, meditation and end with relaxation.

Pranayama implies the management / control of the life force. As the life force is regulated by breath, it automatically follows that techniques that manipulate the breath would alter the patterns of energy flow.

These techniques collectively called Pranayama are very effective in maintaining health and even treating health disorders.

The general ratio of these components for a wholesome Yoga fitness routine of say, a total 45 minutes should be: Asanas (30 mins.), Pranayama (5 mins.), Meditation (5 mins.), and Relaxation (5 mins.)

Pranayama techniques work directly upon the respiratory system comprising mainly of the lungs. Lungs are very delicate organs of the body and should be dealt with delicately.

It may be mentioned that given our lifestyles, very few of us use the lungs to their optimum capacities. This leads to the beginning of several health disorders. Direct effects include respiratory problems such as Asthma and Bronchitis due to the building up of mucus and incomplete expulsion of toxins. Indirect effects include systemic deterioration including faster aging etc.

However, Pranayama is a double-edged sword. Incorrect practices leading to even the slightest of undue strain on the lungs can be counter productive. Unbridled enthusiasm in using these techniques (since they are so easy to do) can actually cause more harm than good. That is why Pranayama should be done very moderately, for short duration and without any difficulty.

Easy, unobstructed flows are crucial to the correct implementation of Pranayama techniques. At the end of this, you should feel refreshed and there should be absolutely no tiredness or pain in the lungs.

For more details, read our parent site for informative articles on Pranayama

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