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Understand Yoga from a beginner's perspective

While this website touches upon the essential Elements of Yoga, more extensive information can be had on our International website

This website is also suitable for our valued customers who seek select products from our International range in India.




What is Yoga? Who can do it? Get more details on the different kinds of Yoga as well as on Asanas or Postures, the essential building blocks of what the common person understands as Yoga.

Yoga & Meditation go hand in hand. What is meditation? Meditation is a much misunderstood term resulting in the birth of a whole kind of 'techniques'. The Meditation Section tries to put things in proper perspective




Cleansing or Shatkarma techniques are considered very important preparatory techniques to get the most out of your Yoga practice. Powerful in themselves for their effects in treating health disorders, Yoga cleansing methods are becoming increasingly popular worldwide

Yoga Breathing Techniques channel the flow of life force in the body with wonderful results. These breathing routines should be included in your daily practice to derive the maximum benefits physically and psychologically.



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