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Yoga cleansing also called Shatkarma or Shatkriya in Yoga, are considered as essential techniques to begin the arduous path of Yoga.

These practices are considered preparatory steps for a disease free body and mind so as to reach the higher steps of Yoga.

Given their great relevance in modern times and the immediate effect they have in relieving physical suffering and disease, they have become very popular even in the West.

Popular cleansing techniques practiced by even "non-yogis" in the modern world, include Jala Neti (sinus cleansing), Basti (Colon cleansing) and Kunjal (stomach wash), Kapalbhati (skull polishing breath) and Trataka (yogic gazing).

Earlier these techniques had to be learnt from Masters, but with the benefits of modern technology, these practices have become very accessible and do-able.

Jala Neti - sinus irrigation: Jala Neti is done by a special Neti Pot. This practice has a remarkable effect in cleansing the sinuses, cooling the mind and clearing the eyes. This practice provided immediate relief from sinus infections, when the best of medication cannot. It is for this reason that Jala Neti has become very popular even in the West and featured in popular television shows.

Basti - colon cleansing: While the actual yogic practice of Basti requires direct guidance, various alternatives such as Enemas have emerged to achieve the similar benefits. Enemas are very popular and regularly employed in Naturopathy. Besides providing relief from a range of physical disorders such as constipation, acidity, obesity, IBS, gall stones and even Cancers, enemas also provide relief from psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, dullness and other neuroses. They are believed to slow ageing and revive the luster in the body. Enemas are best done with a suitable Enema Kit.

Kunjal - Stomach wash: This involves drinking in several cups of warm saline water on an empty stomach and then throwing it out. Kunjal is very effective in treating conditions of excess mucus in the respiratory tract such as Asthma, bronchial conditions as well as stomach and digestive disorders.

Kapalbhati: A breathing technique that is extremely effective in soothing the mind and eliminating toxins thereof. Literally meaning "skull polishing" this breathing technique has been further popularized among the masses by Baba Ramdev.

Trataka - yogic gazing: This technique has been classified as a cleansing technique because it clears the eye ducts and aids in mind cleansing through visualization. It involves gazing on a candle flame, best placed on a Trataka Stand, that can adjust the flame to eye level.

A Note of Caution: Though these yoga cleansing techniques are powerful in their benefits, however, they can be harmful if done indiscriminately and also if one is suffering from specific condition, where any specific technique may be contraindicated.

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